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The use of the Internet constitutes an important part of everyday life in the contemporary era. The digital world has become part of our reality and influences our way of thinking, our choices and our acts.

It reforms our society as a whole, but also the human existence in itself, by creating a new, digital representation of ourselves; a digital personality, which is not necessarily identical to our real personality, but enjoys the same freedoms and rights.

Homo Digitalis focuses on the protection of Internet users in Greece.

It is present in order to combat and ensure the fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital world, when they are challenged or jeopardized by public organs, persons or private organizations.

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Help us grow

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You can make your donation to Homo Digitalis by depositing the amount you wish on the following bank account:

Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR66 0171 5580 0065 5814 3236 687


Beneficiary name: Homo Digitalis

Donation Total: €10

Homo Digitalis works hard with the objective to protect and promote human rights in the digital world in Greece.

We are a new organization with a vision of creating the proper circumstances, so that all of us who live in Greece can fully enjoy our rights in the digital age.

Our activities do not have any profit-making purpose. All the donations and sponsorships that we receive, are used solely for our goals.

Homo Digitalis is and will remain independent. For this reason, we do not accept donations or sponsorships by corporations or organizations which might jeopardize our activities in the future.

Individual donations are extremely important to us!

We have been established according to the rule of law, as a civil non-profit company in Greece (Registration no. in the Court of First Instance of Athens: 489127/2018). Our income is subject to the monitoring of the Greek authorities, as prescribed by the law.


We would be glad if you would like to support our activities and help us promote and safeguard the rights OF ALL OF US in the digital world.