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Table Α – Human Rights in the Digital Age

Right to PrivacyArticles  9, 19 and 21Article 7Article 8
Right to the Protection of Personal DataArticle 9ΑArticle 8Article 8
Freedom of expression and informationArticles 5, and 14Article 11Article 10
Right to PropertyArticle 17Article 17Article 1 ADDITIONAL PROTOCOL Α’
Prohibition of DiscriminationArticle 4Article 21Article 14
Right to effective judicial remedy and fair trialArticle 8Article 47Article 6



Table Β – Legislative acts in national, European and international level regarding the right to Personal Data Protection and the right to Privacy

Processing of Personal Data by natural or legal person, or public authority, (excluding the objective of prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of crimes or the enforcement of criminal penalties)Directive 1995/46/EC In replaced on 25.05.2018 by Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)Convention 108 of the Council of Europe and its additional protocolLaw 2472/1997Draft Bill regarding the incorporation of Regulation 2016/679 (available only in Greek)
Processing of Personal Data by the competent authorities for the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of crimes or the execution of criminal penaltiesDirective 2016/680 EU Replaces on 06.05.2018 the Council Framework decision 2008/977/JHA.As aboveLaw 2472/1997Draft Bill regarding the implementation of Directive 2016/680/EU (available only in Greek)
Processing of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data for the purposes of preventing, detecting, investigating and prosecuting terrorist offences and serious crimeDirective 2016/681/EUAs aboveDraft Bill for the implementation of Directive 2016/681/ΕU (available only in Greek)
Processing of Personal Data by EU bodies and institutionsRegulation (EC) 45/2001As above
Processing of Personal Data in the electronic communications sectorDirective 2002/58/ΕCAs aboveLaw 3471/2006Law 3431/2006

Law 3674/2008

Law 3783/2009

Law 3917/2011 (available only in Greek)

Law 4070/2012 (available only in Greek)




Table C – Legislation regarding issues of intellectual property and (electronic) commerce


International Conventions and national laws with which Greece has ratified them

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Law 100/1975

TRIPS: Agreement on intellectual property rights in the commercial plane

Law 2290/1995 (available only in Greek)

World Intellectual Property Organization Performances and Phonograms Treaty

 Law 3183/2003

World Intellectual Property Organization Copyrights Treaty

Law 3184/2003

European Legislation and national laws with which Greece has ratified them


2001/84/EC and 2004/48/EC 

Law 3524/2007


2011/77/EU and 2012/28/EU 

Law 4212/2013

Directive 2009/24/EUDirective 2006/115/EC
Directive 96/6/ECDirective 2001/29/ECDirective 2014/26/EU Law 4481/2017Directive 1564/2017 EU
Directive 2000/31/EC , the pertinent Presidential Decree 131, and the latest amendments to Law 4481/217 by Law 4531/2018 (available only in Greek)

Directive 2011/83/EU

Law 2121/1993 with its latest update by Law 4531/2018



Table D – Legislation regarding cybercrime

International LawEuropean LawNational Law
Budapest Convention on CybercrimeDirective 2013/40/EULaw 4411/2016 (available only in Greek)
Additional Protocol to the Budapest ConventionPenal Code Provisions
Directive 2016/1148 EU


Table Ε – Independent Authorities and National Monitoring Organizations (Institutional Framework and/or Website might be available only in Greek)

Confidentiality of Telecommunications AuthorityInstitutional FrameworkWebsite 
Personal Data Protection AuthorityInstitutional FrameworkWebsite
National Committee for Telecommunications and PostsInstitutional FrameworkWebsite
National Radio & Television CouncilInstitutional FrameworkWebsite  
 General Secretariat for Consumer ProtectionInstitutional FrameworkWebsite 
 Consumer OmbudsmanInstitutional FrameworkWebsite  
 Greek OmbudsmanInstitutional FrameworkWebsite 
Intellectual Property OrganizationInstitutional FrameworkWebsite
Industrial Property OrganizationInstitutional FrameworkWebsite