Homo Digitalis needs you in order to grow and continue its work! A dynamic team, always needs new and prominent members who can add to our projects. Please find below the ways to become part of this organization and join your voice with ours helping to protect our rights.

Any person, either Greek or foreigner above the age of 18, can become a member of Homo Digitalis, if he/she so requests and the Managing Board accepts his/her registration. The members of our organization are distinguished according to our statute to regular members, members-supporters and members-volunteers.

We welcome every active citizen who wants to participate in protecting our rights! Our regular members are involved in every Homo Digitalis process. They co-form its strategy through their participation in the General Assembly and have the right to vote and be-voted. Every regular member has also the right to be informed about the organization’s course of action at any time, according to the rules of procedure.

At the same time, our regular members enjoy special discounts for the activities of Homo Digitalis. The subscription fee is 10 €, paid once, while the annual contribution fee is 20€.

You want to help us but you do not have time to actively participate? You can become a supporter and contribute to our efforts through financial support. You are free to pay from 10 € and on and thus become a member-supporter. Members-supporters have the right to be informed about the activities of the organization but have no right to participate in the General Assembly. However, if your annual financial contribution is over 20 €, you may apply to the Managing Board in order to become a regular member.

Do you want to get to know Homo Digitalis, see how we work and then decide if you want to join us? You can register as a volunteer free of charge and help us in our projects and activities. Volunteers do not have the right to participate in the General Assembly, but they do enjoy special discounts for specific events.

Whichever way you choose to join Homo Digitalis and contribute to our work, we will be happy to join forces and defend our rights in the digital world! The economic conjuncture reduces the available resources and accordingly the possibilities for human rights actions. Hence, your contribution, whether financial or not, supports us to continue offering our services to the citizens.

Please fill in the contact form with your details and choose the member category you are interested in and we will contact you with the necessary information.