Privacy Policy and Terms of use for our Website

This policy concerns all the personal data, which is being processed by Homo Digitalis.

Date published: 01/06/2018


  • Communications

The emails which we receive at the email address are being read by a member of our team and are subsequently forwarded to the other team members, if necessary. We do not forward to third persons emails we receive at the address or at other “” addresses, without the explicit consent of the sender. The emails which we receive are deleted sixty (60) working days after the next date of their receipt. The only exception to the rule of not forwarding emails to third persons or deleting the emails received, is the event when forwarding or non-deletion of the emails is prescribed by the rule of law or is essential for any legal claim of Homo Digitalis. We use email service providers, which are based in Greece. Consequently, our emails are subject to the legal access provided under the Greek legislation. Our current service provider is TopHost. The team of Homo Digitalis uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt email communications.

We do not keep copies of our communications. We do not request information which reveal  racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or
trade union membership or information concerning a natural person’s health, sex life or sexual orientation.


  • Information on our members and employees

We often receive CVs, reference letters or other accompanying documents from aspiring members or employees. This information is shared within Homo Digitalis, in order for the application to be assessed by the competent bodies of the organization. This information is not shared in any case with third parties. Subsequent to the completion of the assessment procedure, this information is erased. Exceptionally, the aforementioned information may be kept for future vacancies within Homo Digitalis, if the natural person in concern wishes so and gives his/her consent.

We keep an archive with all the logistic and administrative information, which are related to the functioning of the organization, in order to respond to the prerequisites set by the Greek legislation.


  • Website

We cooperate with our website service provider, TopHost, in order to ensure that your personal data are safeguarded. TopHost operates as the processor of the personal data, while Homo Digitalis as the data controller.

Our website uses encryption (SSL) in order to provide enhanced security during your browsing.

Remaining faithful to the values we represent, we inform our website visitors that we do not use cookies or any other technical means in order to record their online activity. The only cookie that our webistes uses is PHPSESSID, which has a technical character and it is mandatory for the proper functionality of our website. 

Under our website you can find articles, publications, opinions, and considerations of Homo Digitalis and/or third parties, when the latter have given their permission. On no occasion such information or any information under our website should be considered as legal advices.

Our website may contain hyperlinks, which redirect to third websites. These websites are not subject to the monitoring of Homo Digitalis and consequently, we cannot ensure that the privacy policy of the said websites is in accordance with ours. We recommend that you read carefully the policies and terms and conditions of these websites.


  • Newsletter

If you subscribe to our newsletter, your email address will be solely used for this purpose and shall not be shared with third persons. You will be able to be deleted from the newsletter anytime. Your subscription to our newsletter is valid for the calendar year of your subscription. Every year you will have the opportunity to choose to renew your subscription. If you choose not to renew your subscription, your email address will be deleted from our newsletter. Data concerning statistics of our newsletter (such as the number of the subscribers) may be shared with third parties.


  • Social media

Homo Digitalis uses social media in order to promote its activity and consequently raise public awareness regarding digital rights. When you use social media in order to come into contact with Homo Digitalis, this privacy policy is not enforced. On the contrary, the processing of your personal data is subject to the privacy policy of the said social media.


  • Corrections

If you wish to gain access to your personal data that we have, correct any inaccuracy or erase your personal data from our archives, please contact us at

In the event that our privacy policy is amended at any moment, the present page will automatically be updated and the amendments will be underlined.


  • Questions

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy or wish to request clarifications, please contact us at